StageArts Saturday Theatre School is perfect if your child wants to learn to Act, Dance and Sing. Whether they want a career in the arts or just fun and friendship then StageArts is the place to be. We aim to help all students aged 4 - 18 achieve their true potential and we believe the arts enables all children to develop confidence and life skills that will stay with them forever. No experience necessary only passion and bags of enthusiasm as there is always the chance to SHINE each and every term at StageArts!

We aim to help all students achieve their own personal goal by encouraging self-expression, creativity and confidence. We believe the arts enable children to develop social and life skills that will stay with them forever. Whatever level your child is at there is always a sense of achievement just being part of a performance with StageArts.

Stagearts Saturday Theatre School is just perfect if your child is aged 4–18 and wants to ACT * DANCE * SING *

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  • I’d just like to say thank everyone at StageArts as my son’s confidence has gone through the roof and her he has made so many new friends and is a changed child. No more tantrums and arguments. He is now doing well at his main school as well.
    Mum of a student
  • I recently attended my daughter’s school open day where her friend was performing a dramatic piece to the audience. She was so good that she brought the house down. I enquired were she went and she said StageArts, Now my daughter attends the same school and she has never been happier. Thank you. Everyone needs a StageArts near them. Thanks for everything.
    Mum of a student
  • Our daughter’s gets so much from StageArts and looks forward to each and every Saturday. The teachers are fantastic and they know each child individually, especially my twins. Their expertise in Dance, Drama and Singing has made such a huge difference to our daughters lives and they have opened our eyes to an entirely different world that is priceless. Thank you all so much.
    Dad of a student
  • To have your child come home every Saturday happy and content is every parents dream. StageArts has changed our world for the better and as parents we are so grateful to all of you. We so appreciate the effort the teachers make and the enthusiasm that's shown towards every child is truly amazing.
    Mum and Dad of a student.
  • It has been such a hard year for my son, what with the constant bullying at school and them ignoring it upset us so much. But then we found StageArts and their positive attitude towards everything was a God send. My son is now happy at school and has even made friends with the bullies, who now want to be his friend. That is all down to you all at StageArts Saturday Theatre School. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. His journey to date is incredible and we have only been going just over a year, and we cannot wait till next year. You must go. Now. Now. It will be the best choice you ever made for your child.
    Mum of a student
  • Thank you is not enough for all the hard work, dedication and love bestowed upon my child. Stagearts have helped turn my son into a talented, confident young man. He has been with stageArts ever since he was 6 and he is now 14. That is 8 years of fun, happiness and laughter as we have watched him leave every Saturday morning and come home truly inspired. Thank you all at StageArts for changing my child’s life forever. He cannot wait till the next Saturday! A great job well done.
    Mum and Dad of a student
  • My Daughter has been attending StageArts Saturday Theatre School for 4 years now and it has made a huge difference to her confidence. She has made so many new friends. We are so impressed with the attention to detail from all the staff.
    Mum of a student
  • Stagearts has been part of our lives and our grandchildren’s lives now for the best past of 6 years now and it has been a great pleasure to be able to share our gran childrens journey as grandparents and not feel left out. It is the one place our grandchildren have truly felt happiest. The teachers, school and it’s ethos is simple “children always come first” and that is why my grandchildren have matured so beautifully under the tuition and care at StageArts. Always positive, always firm but fair and always polite and respectful. These are the reasons StageArts will forever be apart of our famillies lives and we are eternally grateful.
    Grandad and Grandma of a student
  • To create an atmosphere where children are encouraged, supported, nurtured and cared for by the most skilled teachers is not only special but rare. The performing arts is taught to the highest caliber at StageArts and their end of term productions are a testament to their professional set up. Well done for each and every term and we as parents relish the chance to marvel at our children’s and your brilliance, well done all of you. Positively entertaining.
    Mum and Dad of a student
  • My grandchildren have been going to StageArts for 3 years and they love it! StageArts is run by a small team of dedicated people who know each child individually and provide a diverse arts experience, taking each child to higher levels of achievement each week. Children gain a terrific boost to their self–confidence, fitness and concentration. They learn to take responsibility as members of a team of fellow performers from whom they can learn and share skills to produce a heart stopping show each year!
    Grandfather and Grandmother of a student
  • Thank you for bringing StageArts to Stevenage and giving my my son the opportunity to do what he loves!
    Mum and Dad of a student

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